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:: Events :: The First Palermo-Genova PhD Workshop (PaGe 2016) will be held on October 26-28, 2016, at the University of Palermo, Italy. The speakers will be Laura Scudieri (UNIGe), Isabel Fanlo Cortés (UNIGe), Francesca Poggi (UNIMi), Mauricio Maldonado Muñoz (UNIGe), Diego Mauri (UNIPa), Eileen Quinn (UNIPa), Luís Fernando Matricardi (UNIGe), Silvia Spallino (UNIPa), Julieta A. Rábanos (UNIGe), Natalia Scavuzzo (UNIGe) and Rafaela Hilario Pascoal (UNIPa). The complete programme of the PaGe 2016, with more details about presentations, speakers and discussants, can be found here: (more…)

The Genova-Girona Discussing Meetings are annual meetings held by PhD students and faculty from the TiLPh (Università di Genoa, Italy) and the Cátedra de cultura jurídica (Universitat di Gerona, Spain).

This time it will take place in Lisboa, on June 23, 2016, beginning at 15:00.


XXII Seminario Luso-Hispano-Franco-Italiano de Teoría del Derecho (2016)

:: Events :: Los días 24 y 25 de Junio tendrá lugar en Lisboa el XXII Seminario Luso-Hispano-Franco-Italiano de Teoría del Derecho. Disertarán: Eugenio Bulygin, Paolo Comanducci, Michelangelo Bovero, R. Hernández Marín, Tecla Mazzarese, Josep Juan Moreso, Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Eric Millard (more…)