Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

The Genova-Girona Discussing Meetings are annual meetings held by PhD students and faculty from the TiLPh (Università di Genoa, Italy) and the Cátedra de cultura jurídica (Universitat di Gerona, Spain).

This time it will take place in Lisboa, on June 23, 2016, beginning at 15:00.

The GG 2016’s program is at is follows:

First Session: Mauricio Maldonado Muñoz (PhD candidate, Università di Genova)

Discussants :

Jorge Sendra Moll (PhD candidate, Girona) and
Diego Papayannis (Professor, Girona)

Second Session: Pedro Haddad (PhD candidate, Universitat de Girona)

Discussants :: 

Lucia Brusco (PhD candidate, Genova) and
Alessandro Ferrari (Università di Piemonte Orientale)