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Master in “Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy”

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Master in “Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy”

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Are you up for the challenge?  The applications 

for 2020/21 are already open and will close on 5 May 

The X Edition of the advanced Master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy (2020-21) is offered with a double degree by the University of Genoa (Italy) and the University of Girona (Spain). The programme consists of a) a four-week residential session in Italy, b) three on-line sessions with optional courses, and c) an individual research project.

One month in Italy.  Eight courses are held during a four-week residential session in Italy between January and February.  Each one of them is given by two or three professors having different standpoints on the subject matter.

Ten on-line courses.  You can choose them from a list of thirty-one optional courses offered in the programme. They are based on guided reading assignments and individual professorial feedback.

Your own research project.  Two supervisors follow and advise the student with the work for the masters dissertation based on a previously approved research project.

It is taught by a number of well-known scholars in the fields of legal philosophy and constitutional theory:

Robert Alexy, Mauro Barberis, Carlos Bernal Pulido, Michelangelo Bovero, Pierre Brunet, Luka Burazin, Damiano Canale, Bruno Celano, Alejandro Chehtman, Véronique Champeil-Desplats, Pierluigi Chiassoni, Paolo Comanducci, Massimo Cuono, Giovanni Damele, Andrea Dolcetti, Timothy Endicott, Rafael Escudero Alday, Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Sebastian Figueroa Rubio, Andrea Greppi, Riccardo Guastini, Giulio Itzcovich,  Matthias Klatt, Andrej Kristan, José Luis Martí, Tecla Mazzarese, Eric Millard, Patricia Mindus, Diego Moreno Cruz, Pablo Moreno Cruz, Álvaro Núñez Vaquero, Daniel Oliver-Lalana, Diego Papayannis, Valentina Pazé, Giorgio Pino, Francesca Poggi, Susanna Pozzolo, Giovanni Battista Ratti, María Cristina Redondo, Andrés Rossetti, Juan Ruiz Manero, Alessio Sardo, José María Sauca, Frederick Schauer, Aldo Schiavello, Michel Troper, Giovanni Tuzet, Carmen Vázquez, Vittorio Villa, Silvia Zorzetto.

Scholarships & bursaries: Five highest ranking candidates are offered full scholarships of 4.520 EUR. Another five candidates are offered partial scholarships of 2.000 EUR from the University of Genoa. Five more partial scholarships of 1.000 EUR are awarded by the University of Genoa.

Target groups: Judges, lawyers, public officials and NGO activists are among our addresses, though the program is of particular interest also for graduates intending to start a doctoral programme, and for academics.

Languages: Reading and listening comprehension of both English & Spanish is necessary, whereas for oral and written communication students may also use Italian or French.

 How to Apply?

Each year a Call is published sometime in Spring with the early application deadline in the first days of May.

In 2020, the enrolment deadline is 5 May, 2020, at 12.00 noon (Italian time).

The selection of candidates is based on student’s curriculum vitae et studiorum, transcript of records for the university degree, and up to two lettres of recommendation. Those applying for a scholarship have to send a research project too.  The number of participants to the programme is limited to a maximum of 35 students.

The courses start in November. A link to the official Call is published here.  For more information, check:

foto.phpchiassoni .
We appreciate your interest.
Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

Pierluigi Chiassoni (Genova) and
Jordi Ferrer Beltrán (Girona)
directors of the programme