Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

On debate

Thinking Like a Lawyer  &  The Artifact Theory of Law


This course is composed of two independent workshops on:

(1) Thinking Like a Lawyer by Frederick Schauer (Harvard UP, 2009)
(2) The Artifact Theory of Law (Eds. Burazin, Himma & Roversi, Oxford UP forthcoming)

(Harvard UP, 2009)
by Frederick Schauer

SchauerFrederick Schauer


On debate with

Mauro Barberis (Trieste)
Pierluigi Chiassoni (Genoa)
Giovanni Battista Ratti (Genoa)
Jorge Rodriguez (Mar del Plata)

and Frederick Schauer (Virginia)


Reading material

[PDF password protected: TLLworkshop] Frederick Schauer, 2009: Thinking Like a Lawyer (Harvard UP).

[PDF] Mauro Barberis, 2016: How One Can Benefit from His Own Wrong. Schauer on Precedent, Common Law, and Law.

[PDF] Pierluigi Chiassoni, 2016: Statutory Interpretation and Other Puzzles.

[PDF] Giovanni Battista Ratti, 2016: Some Remarks on Precedent and Analogy.

[PDF] Jorge L. Rodríguez, 2016: Defeasibility and Burden of Proof.


THE ARTIFACT THEORY OF LAW  (Oxford UP, forthcoming in 2016)
Eds. L. Burazin, K. Himma, and C. Roversi

BurazinLuka RoversischauerBurazin (Zagreb)
Corrado Roversi (Bologna)
Frederick Schauer (Virginia)



Reading material

[PDF] Luka Burazin, 2015: Can There be an Artifact Theory of Law, forthcoming in Ratio Juris.

[PDF] Corrado Roversi, 2016: Arguments for an Artefact Theory of Law, mns.
+ Handout

The workshop materials shall be read in advance.