Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

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Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy (TiLPh) is one of the world’s leading centres for legal research and education. Our work is focused on topics in analytical legal theory and philosophy of positive law, constitutional democracy, human rights, bioethics, sociology of law and history of legal culture.

TiLPh members run four peer-reviewed journals and a few book series. Moreover, TiLPh currently offers two post-graduate study programmes: an Advanced international master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy, and a PhD programme in Philosophy of Law and Legal Bioethics.

We also welcome applications to make research visits from scholars of excellence at all stages of the profession, especially those with active interests in topics of our expertise. Proposed visits may be for anything from a few days to a full academic year. We can usually provide visitors with office accommodation at the Institute, where we have a library with an outstanding collection of works in legal philosophy. Most of it is in English, Spanish and Italian, though we also have numerous publications in French and German.