Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

:: Reading group :: The Mate Amaro Reading Group restarts afresh with the discussion of the first chapter of Deontic Logic and Legal Systems by Pablo E. Navarro and Jorge L. Rodriguez (Cambridge, 2014). The session will be held at the Tarello Institute (Via Balbi 30/18) on Thursday March the 12th at 17:00 hs.

This new and important book purports to be i) an introduction to deontic logic and its problems; and ii) a study of the role logic plays in the analysis of law and legal systems, with a specific emphasis on the logic of norms and on the logic of norm-propositions and, also, on legal dynamics.

The purpouse of the reading group is to discuss in detail said book during the next few months. All of those who are interested in the issues raised by Navarro and Rodriguez’ volume are welcome to participate.