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:: Calls :: APhEx, a online journal of analytic philosophy, accepts contributions to its new section: Open Problems.

aphexAPhEx (Analytical and Philosophical Explanation) is an online journal of analytic philosophy. It can be found at www.aphex.it.

APhEx has a new section: Open Problems. Starting from the assumption that there is no good philosophy without good philosophical questions, Open Problems presents itself as the first international venue fully devoted to the presentation and discussion of specific open problems in contemporary philosophy. Open Problems hosts original contributions, written in an analytical style, presenting philosophically relevant issues. Authors should aim at pinpointing aspects of significance for philosophers and laypeople, preferably indicating new avenues of inquiry.

Contributions may fall in one of, but are not limited to, the following categories:

(i)     Contributions that re-evaluate a traditional problem by: pointing out novel elements of significance; focusing on aspects that have not been sufficiently discussed; or arguing for the renewed interest of the problem for the scientific community;
(ii)    Contributions that raise a new problem and carefully illustrate it, possibly identifying conceivable solutions.

Contributions will have to be clear and concise, and about 2000-4000 word long. They will have to deal with a relevant and well-defined problem, discuss it in a sharp philosophical style and offer a self-contained analysis. Each contribution will go through a blind review process.

Contributions and inquiries should be sent to: openproblems@aphex.it.