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:: Events :: The inaugural conference of the project Varieties of Normativity will take place at Uppsala University on February 1 and 2, 2016. 

Program (Some titles are tentative)

Monday Feb 1

10:00-11:15     Knut Skarsaune: “The Search for Normative Atoms”
11:30-12:45     Andrew Huddleston: “Normativity and Meta-Normativity in Aesthetics”
14:15-15:30     Matti Eklund: “Normative Realism and the Space of Concepts”
15:45-17:00     Anandi Hattiangadi: “Moral Nonnaturalism and Moral Supervenience”

Tuesday Feb 2

10:00-11:15     Barry Maguire: “There Are No Reasons For Attitudes”
11:30-12:45     Debbie Roberts: “Naturalism, Non-Naturalism and Normativity”
14:15-15:30     Daniel Fogal: “Normative Explanation and Normative Grounding”
15:45-17:00     Tristram McPherson: “Authoritatively Normative Concepts”

Anyone is welcome to attend, and there is no registration fee. If you plan to attend, the Organizers kindly ask that you send an email to Daniel Fogal (dan.fogal@filosofi.uu.se) containing (i) your name, (ii) affiliation, and (iii) whether you have any dietary restrictions or accessibility requests.

For more information, please visit the conference website: http://www.filosofi.uu.se/research/conferences-and-workshops/varieties-of-normativity–inaugural-conference/