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:: Events :: A workshop on Deontic Logic will be held on Feb 12 at Bocconi University, featuring TiLPh Corresponding Fellow Nicola Muffato, as well as Damiano Canale, Berislav Žarnić and Jorge Rodriguez.

The Workshop is set for 10:00am on Room 1 c3 sr01 via Röntgen 1  . Free Entrance.


Welcome Address
Damiano Canale   Bocconi University

A Social-Pragmatic View on the Concept of Normative Consistency
Berislav Žarnić   University of Split 

Normativity, Conditionals and Inference
Nicola Muffato  Università degli Studi di Trieste

Normative Systems, Legal Gaps and Logical Closure
Jorge Rodriguez   Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata

Organized by
Angelo Sraffa Department of Legal Studies  in collaboration with Thémis

For information
Angelo Sraffa Department of Legal Studies
tel. 02 5836.5221/5231