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:: Events :: Workshop on Philosophy of Language – Quantification and Reference is set for February 26 at the University of Turin. Chairs: Fabio Ceravolo (Leeds) and Pietro Casati (Milan).

Venue: University of Turin, via Giuseppe Verdi, 8 – Rector Building, Sala Rossa, February 26th, 2016,

9:30am – 12:15pm

Chair: Fabio Ceravolo (University of Leeds, RIFAJ)
  • Prof. Andrea Iacona (University of Turin), TBA
  • Nancy A. Nuñez-Hernández (Universidad autonóma de México), A meta-semantic/epistemic solution to Mates’ Problem
  • Alessandro Bonanini (University of Parma), Deferential and non-deferential uses of proper names
02:00pm – 04:45pm
Chair: Pietro Casati (University of Milan, RIFAJ)
  • Matteo Dalfiume (Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna), Quantificazione e ontologia: alcune considerazioni sulla teoria dell’impegno ontologico di Quine
  • Filippo Costantini (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Quantificazione, modalità e linguaggio
  • Prof. Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin), Do true quantified existential sentences over non-existents commit us to such objects?
  RIFAJ – Italian Journal of Analytic Philosophy Junior is a peer-reviewed graduate journal sponsored by the SIFA (Italian Society of Analytic Philosophy).