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:: Jobs :: Doctoral Studentship in Practical Philosophy at Lund University. First day of employment: Sept. 1  2016. Deadline for applications: March 1.


Practical philosophy, as understood in this context, studies philosophical foundations of ‘practical thinking’ (its metaphysics, epistemology, and logics), with emphasis on values, attitudes to life and norms of behaviour. Value theory and analysis of normative standpoints constitute the core of practical philosophy. The areas of “practical thinking” which are studied in various subdisciplines of practical philosophy are morals (studied in metaethics, normative theory, and applied ethics), law (philosophy of law), politics (political philosophy, social ontology), practical rationality (decision theory, philosophy of action), religion (philosophy of religion) and art (aesthetics).

Department’s website: http://www.fil.lu.se/en/.

The position is a proper employment, subject to the favourable conditions of standard Swedish social benefits, such as paid parental leave. The expected starting salary is approximately SEK 24000 per month.  The holder of the position will be expected to conduct research in English.

Limit of tenure: 4 years, with a possibility of prolongation in cases of illness, parental leave, etc.


Eligibility/Entry Requirements

The basic requirement for eligibility for the present position is a completed MA in philosophy with specialization in  any of the areas of Practical Philosophy as characterized above.Eligibility for doctoral studies is specified in the relevant general syllabus, available at http://www.ht.lu.se/utbildning/utbildning-pa-forskarniva/allmanna-studieplaner/

Basis of Assessment

The selection process will primarily take into account the applicants’ ability to benefit from research studies. This is assessed from the criteria quality, quantity, progression and relevance.

Important: All applicants should use the Lund University job application portal, MyNetwork, when applying, whether you need to create a new account or are already registered.You will find the link to the application portal at: https://lu.mynetworkglobal.com/en/what:job/jobID:88709/where:4/


The application must include:

–          records of first- and second-cycle studies (Ladok transcript or other  transcript of courses and grades)

–          first- and second-cycle theses/degree projects

–          a list of other relevant administrative and educational qualifications

–          scholarly journal articles, reports or papers of relevance for the subject

–          where applicable, documented skills in a language of relevance for the research studies

–          project proposal (1500 words max. excluding references)

The subject must be clearly indicated in the application


For further information please contact:

Professor Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen




Professor Dan Egonsson

46(0)40222 94 72