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Special Issue XXV, 1, 2015 of Discipline Filosofiche is now available, and dwells on the debate between practitioners of traditional philosophical analysis and proponents of experimental philosophy. It includes two opening articles by two leading scholars from opposite sides of the debate, Ernest Sosa and Jonathan Weinberg.

Edited by Mario Alai, Andrea Sereni and Giorgio Volpe, the Special Edition includes selected new papers representing a wide range of approaches and positions on many of the issues raised by this clash of metaphilosophical paradigms.

(click on the titles to view the abstracts)

Mario Alai, Andrea Sereni and Giorgio Volpe, Guest Editors’ Preface
Ernest Sosa, Philosophical Intuitions and Metaphysical Analysis
Jonathan M. Weinberg, The Methodological Necessity of Experimental Philosophy
Steven Bland, Conceptual Analysis, Analytic Philosophy, and the Psychologistic Turn
Bryce Huebner, The Construction of Philosophical Intuitions
Alfredo Tomasetta, Physicalist Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mind (far less Warranted than Usually Thought)
Markus Pantsar, Assessing the “Empirical Philosophy of Mathematics”
Huginn Freyr Thorsteinsson, Experimental Philosophy and the Importance of Intuitions in the Philosophy of Language
Francesca Ervas, Elisabetta Gola, Antonio Ledda and Giuseppe Sergioli, Lexical Ambiguity in Elementary Inferences. An Experimental Study
Richard Davies, How to Point a Philosophical Armchair

Further information at http://www.disciplinefilosofiche.it/