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:: Jobs :: The University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) invites applications for one postdoctoral fellowship provided by CAPES. The application deadline is May 20.

Applications shall be submitted to the secretary of the program, with the following documents:

a) The curriculum, duly updated;

b) A Postdoctoral project;

c) A statement informing any laboral activity;

d) A short plan of activities contemplating classes in the undergraduate and the graduate course of the Faculty of Law.

On May 25, at 14 hours, applicants will be interviewed by the following examinators: professors Gustavo S. Siqueira, Guilherme Leite e Paulo Emílio Borges de Macedo. At the criterion of the board, interviews may occur through skype.

For info on elibility, legislation, research areas and professors please consult www.ppgduerj.com