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:: Events :: On November 10 the University of São Paulo, in collaboration with Tarello Institute, will host a seminar on Law, Logic & Technology. Keynote speakers are Eugenio Bulygin, Giovanni Ratti, Juliano Maranhão, Marcelo Finger and Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Jr.

The event is organized by USP’s Logic, Artificial Intelligence and Law group (GELIAD) feat. TiLPh, and will be held at the main building of the Faculty of Law (Sala da Congregação) in two sessions. Guests are asked to register by the email dlt@neolaw.net.br.

1 Session (10:oo-13:00)

Parceria entre Direito e Tecnologia, Marcelo Finger (IME-USP)

Legal Defeasibility as a Systematic Relation, Giovanni Batista Ratti (TiLPh)

Input, Direito e Output, Juliano Maranhão (FD-USP)

2. Session (18:00-20:00)

A transformação TecnoLógica do Direito, Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Jr. (FD-USP)

G.H. von Wright’s and C.E. Alchourrón´s joint efforts in deontic logic, Eugenio Bulygin (UBA)