Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

:: Events :: Metagiuridica will host Miguel Fernández Núñez (Università degli Studi di Genova – Universitat de Girona) for a talk L’argomentazione conduttiva: analisi e proposta di applicazione al ragionamento giuridico (Conductive arguments: analysis and proposal for application to the legal reasoning). The meeting is set for May 14, 11:30 hrs, at the University of Genoa.

The event will be held at the Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy, in Via Balbi, 30/18 (Genova, Italia).

You are all warmly invited to participate!

About Metagiuridica

Metagiuridica is conceived to be an informal graduate discussion group of the Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy, dedicated to host meetings among graduate students and professors, especially from other universities and other countries.

The topics of our group are comprehensive, including mainly legal philosophy, legal sociology and legal history, but it is also open to discuss connected topics.

Those interested in presenting their research are encouraged to email us abstracts: unige.metagiuridica@gmail.com

There are no formal deadlines for submissions, as they are accepted throughout the year.