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:: Events:: The workshop Social Ontology, Normativity and Philosophy of Law will be held on 30-31 May, 2019 at the School of Law, University of Glasgow. Along these lines you can find the programme of the Workshop.


(Thursday 30th May, 09:45 – 17:30 hrs)

Säde Hormio (University of Helsinki) – “Institutional knowledge”

Hans Bernhard-Schmid (University of Vienna) – TBA

Leonie Smith (University of Manchester) – “Re-interpreting the legal responsibilities of the media for UK poverty-based rights abuses”

Brian Epstein (Tufts University) – “Anchoring Legal Norms: The construction of Obligation”

Rachael Mellin (University of Glasgow) – “The Metaphysics of Planning Groups”

Kirk Ludwig (Indiana University) – “The Social Construction of Legal Norms”

(Friday 31st May, 10:00 – 17:30)

Raimo Tuomela (University of Helsinki) – “We-thinking, We-mode and Group Agents”

Debbie Roberts (University of Edinburgh) – “Law and Thick Concepts”

Miguel Garcia (University of Glasgow) – “The Institutionalisation of Social Practices”

Kent Hurtig (University of Stirling) – “Consent and Normativity”

Olof Leffler (University of Leeds) – “Reasons Internalism, Cooperation, and Institutions”

Herlinde Pauer-Studer (University of Vienna) – “Constitutivism and Legal Philosophy”

This event is free to attend but registration is required

For more information about the workshop, including abstracts and registration, please visiti thewebsite