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::Events:: Law, Language, Philosophy Research Network is happy to invite young scholars, including graduate students, to participate in the Law, Language and Philosophy Summer School, to be held in Dubrovnik (Croatia), 27-31 July 2020. Courses will be devoted to i.a. artifact theory of law; connections between philosophy of language/philosophy of mind/social ontology and law; experimental philosophy of law and language; theories of interpretation.

Teachers include: Luka Burazin (Zagreb), Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov (Surrey), Maryam Ebrahimi Dinani (Paris), Kenneth M. Ehrenberg (Surrey). Francesco Ferraro (Milan), Markus Kneer (Zürich). Mario Krešić (Zagreb). Ira K. Lindsay (Surrey), Stephen Neale (New York). Francesca Poggi (Milan).Krzysztof Posłajko (Krakow) and Izabela Skoczeń (Krakow).

The number of participants is limited. Anyone interested in participating should send his/her CV and a short project description to pawel.banas@uj.edu.pl. The application deadline is 31 March 2020. The feedback will be provided by the end of April 2020. Due to generous funding by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, participants are expected to cover only their travel, accommodation and catering costs (400-500 EUR). For additional information please contact school directors: Luka Burazin (University of Zagreb), lburazin@pravo.hr and Paweł Banaś (Jagiellonian University), pawel.banas@uj.edu.pl