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:: Call for papers :: Isonomía is delighted to inform you that they now review and publish submissions in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and that they look forward to receive your contributions on any theoretical approach to the law.

After 25 years publishing in Spanish, Isonomía is proud to announce that it will now also accept submissions and publish articles in English, French, Italian and Portuguese. This stance is part of the journal’s ambitious internationalization agenda and effort to make available to its growing and wider readership contributions written in multiple languages reflecting the authors’ distinctive backgrounds, focuses and trajectories.

Isonomía also wishes to communicate its desire to stimulate critical and interdisciplinary theoretical work in legal research. As such, it wishes to signal its interest and commitment to publish articles not only witwhin the conceptual and analytical tradition of legal theory but also within theory broadly conceived. It thus welcomes submissions from a plurality of disciplines and methods such as critical legal theory, social theory of law, law and humanities, law and AI or law and psychology to name some examples. The sole unifying criterion contributions must meet is the use of theory to achieve a better understanding of law and society and their codes, gaps and contradictions; always in strict observance of our Code of ethics  based on blind peer review and ensuring the highest standards of academic research.

You could find more information at the following link.