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:: Call :: A Summer School Owning the land: from private property to commons will be held in Palermo (Italy) and online from 14-18 June, 2021. Is is organised as part of the PhD programme in Human Rights of the University of Palermo.

The Summer School aims at elaborating on the concept of property from a juridical, anthropological, philosophical and economic point of view. The program will focus on land property rights and property of natural resources; property of the genetic resources of plants and animals; food sovereignty and the rights of indigenous peoples; the idea of commons and the challenges of commons; land grabbing and violation of the rights of local communities; special features of ocean property/sovereignty; the cognitive origins of property; the concept of property and intellectual property rights.

The Summer School is open to students holding or attending a Master or an LLM, as well as Ph.D students and researchers who are interested in the topics.

For info on the programmer and on the application process, visit: https://res-project.eu/summer-school/