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:: Events :: Este viernes 6 de noviembre comienza el curso de actualización en Razonamiento Jurídico y Proceso Judicial organizado por la Universidad Alberto Hurtado de Chile. El cuerpo docente está compuesto por los profesores Paolo Comanducci, Pierluigi Chiassoni, Riccardo Guastini, Cristina Redondo, Giovanni Battista Ratti y Juan Pablo Alonso.

Las inscripciones están abiertas hasta el día 5 de noviembre inclusive. Por cualquier consulta, puede escribirse a: sserrano@uahurtado.cl

Pude encontrarse más información sobre el curso y sus fechas aquí:


::Calls:: A call for paper for the Special Issue of Philosophies has been opened. The aim of this Special Issue is to contribute to a substantive discussion on human rights obligations and omissions by, among other things, formulating a concrete and functional critique of the understandings, assumptions and mechanisms for human rights protection and implementation. The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 June 2021. For more information, visit the webpage of Philosophies.

:: Calls :: PluriCourts at the University of Oslo is organising a workshop to bring together scholars of philosophy, political theory and legal theory who study regional and international courts and tribunals (ICs), and in particular issues concerning the input and output legitimacy of ICs. They invite papers from any discipline that fall within the broad theme of the conference. The workshop welcomes, in particular, papers that contribute to our philosophical and/or normative understanding of ICs, whether this is developed in more abstract terms or in the context of a concrete case study. For more information click

:: Events :: Los días 28, 29 y 30 de octubre tendrá lugar virtualmente el encuentro VI Interescuelas de Filosofía del Derecho (Universidad de Buenos Aires), de 9 a 21. Seguidamente pueden encontrar más información sobre el evento.


::Events:: An online MLP² seminar will be given by Visa Kurki (Helsinki) on the topic of Legal and Non-Legal Corporations. The event will take place on Zoom on 4th November from 17-18h (Amsterdam time). Registration can be made on the link, and questions regarding the seminar can be sent to lucas.miottolopes@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

::Events:: An online seminar in the organization of Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group will be given by Nicole Roughan on her paper “The Recognition in Authority: Roles, Relations, and Reasons”. The seminar will be held via Zoom on 29th October at 10 am UK time. Registration can be made on the following link.

::Jobs:: The Department of Philosophy at McMaster University seeks to hire a philosopher of law at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor, Tenure Track. The department will also consider social or political philosophers whose research forefronts law and legal institutions. More information can be found at the webpage of the department, and direct queries about the position can be sent to philjob@mcmaster.ca.

:: Events :: El próximo lunes 26 de octubre se abre la inscripción de la 3a ed. del curso de especialización en Bases del razonamiento probatorio, ofrecido por la Universidad de Girona. Un programa íntegramente online, con un profesorado compuesto por Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, Carmen Vázquez Rojas, Diego Dei Vecchi, Edgar Aguilera García. Más información en las siguientes líneas.


:: Events :: A webinar on “The Legacy of Alf Ross” will be held on 26 October 2020, 2.00 PM Swiss/Italian time. The speakers will be Pierluigi Chiassoni, Svein Eng, Carla Faralli, Jakob v.H. Holtermann, Eric Millard, Otto Pfersmann, Giorgio Ridolfi, and Torben Spaak.

More information about the seminar and the way to participate can be found here:


::Events:: On 22 October 2020 at 14.00, Professor David Dyzenhaus will give an online seminar ‘Kelsen’s Philosophy of International Law – Or Why Hart was Wrong about Kelsen and Monism’. The event is free and open to all but registration is required through Zoom. For more information, visit the link.

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