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:: Events :: Seminar in Constitutional Thought and History held at 5pm on Thursdays, at Pembroke College Mary Hyde Eccles Room. April, May and June, 2015.

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Seminar in Constitutional Thought and History
5pm on Thursdays, Pembroke College, Mary Hyde Eccles Room (except as noted)

Week 2, May 7:
Paul D. Moreno (Kirby Center, Hillsdale College)
Constitutionalism and the Rise of Bureaucracy in America
Week 2, May 8 (Friday):
Richard S. Kay (University of Connecticut)
The Glorious Revolution and the Continuity of Law
Week 3, May 14:
Paul Yowell (Oriel College, Oxford)
Lochner and the Origins of Proportionality
Week 4, May 21:
Darren Staloff (City College of New York)
Early American Clubs: Republicanism, Refinement, and the Enlightened Pursuits of Happiness
Week 5, May 25 (Monday):
Christopher Kaczor (Princeton University and
Loyola Marymount University)
Created Equal: Clarifying the American Proposition
Week 5, May 28:
G. Alan Tarr (Rutgers University, Camden)
Crafting Republicanism: State Constitutionalism in the 18th Century
Week 6, June 3 (Wednesday):
Saikrishna Prakash (University of Virginia)
The Creation of an American Monarchy
Week 6, June 4:
John O. McGinnis (Northwestern University)
Originalism and the Good Constitution
Week 7, June 11 (3.30pm, Christ Church, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre):
Richard Carwardine (Corpus Christi College, Oxford), Matthew S. Holland (Utah Valley University),
Adam Smith (University College London)
Panel: Abraham Lincoln’s Leadership
Week 8, June 18:
Gerald N. Rosenberg (University of Chicago)
Protecting Privilege: The Historic Role of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Great Progressive Misunderstanding
Week 9, June 24 (Wednesday):
Jonathan Den Hartog (University of Northwestern,
St. Paul)
John Jay’s Prudential Constitutionalism
Week 9, June 25 (4pm, Christ Church, Dodgson Room):
Neil L. York (Brigham Young University), Owen Dudley Edwards (University of Edinburgh), Anthony King (University of Essex), Colin Nicolson (University of Stirling), Nicholas Cole (Pembroke College, Oxford)
Panel: Plato and the American President: Thirty-five as the Age of Eligibility

Nicholas Cole, nicholas.cole@history.ox.ac.uk
Paul E. Kerry, paul.kerry@rai.ox.ac.uk