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:: Calls :: The 2016 Montreal Conference on Disagreement will be held in Montreal, from May 26-28. Confirmed invited speakers include names as Russ Shafer-Landau (UNC) (photo) and Ralph Wedgwood (USC), among many others. Deadline for abstracts: January 31 

The Conference, entitled “Faces of Disagreement” is organized by and hosted in the Centre de Recherche en Éthique (CRÉ), in partnership with the Group de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur la Normativité (GRIN).

Organising committee:
Andrée-Anne Cormier (University of Montreal)
Michele Palmira (University of Barcelona and LOGOS)
Sarah Stroud (McGill University)
Christine Tappolet (University of Montreal)

Confirmed invited speakers include:
Annalisa Coliva (University of Modena & Reggio-Emilia /UC Irvine)
Ophelia Deroy (University of London)
Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins (University of British Columbia)
Daniel Groll (Carleton College)
Christopher McMahon (UC Santa Barbara)
Tristram McPherson (Ohio State)
Jonathan Quong (USC)
Gurpreet Rattan (University of Toronto)
Russ Shafer-Landau (UNC)
Isidora Stojanovic (Institut Jean Nicod)
Ralph Wedgwood (USC)

                                            CALL FOR PAPERS

The Organizers have room for a few contributed papers by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. They invite submissions of full papers on any topic related to disagreement within epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy or philosophy of language – especially papers which compare the nature and implications of disagreement across more than one domain. The Organizers encourage submissions from underrepresented groups in philosophy, and will cover travel and accommodation expenses (up to $1600 CAD) for those selected to present papers.

Papers should be maximum 5500 words and suitable for a 45-minute presentation. They should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 150 words. The paper should be anonymised and suitable for blind refereeing. Please include a separate detachable cover sheet with your name, title, institution, and contact details.

The deadline for submission of papers is 31st January 2016. Papers should be sent to Michele Palmira (michelepalmira@gmail.com). The Organizers will respond to those who submitted papers by approximately the beginning of March.

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Palmira (michelepalmira@gmail.com). Messages to the list are archived at http://listserv.liv.ac.uk/archives/philos-l.html and at the unofficial mirror site http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.science.philosophy.region.europe.