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:: Events :: 2016 UCL Laws’ annual Post-Graduate and Early Career Conference. The conference will run for one day on Friday 19 February 2016 at UCL in London, under the theme of “Creative Freedoms”.

For more information, also on registration, check the Conference’s website

* Conference Programme *

8:30 – Breakfast and Registration

9:00 – Welcome

9:30 – Panel I

Inga Thiemann (UCL)

Michelle Stevenson (University of Limerick):
DNA evidence in court: are we still conducting a “trial by mathematics”?

Elena Kapardis (University of Birmingham)
Judicial Identity: The Cypriot Tale of Uniformity and Diversity

Radosveta Vassileva (UCL)
Ignored Diversity: On Why Comparative Scholars Should Explore East European Contract Laws before the Quest for Uniformity of Contract in the European Union Continues

Ahmed Salahadee Balto (Trinity College Dublin)
The Strasbourg Court Dealing with France and the Muslim Minority Right to Freedom of Religion: An Assessment in Light of S.A.S v France

Poster Presenters:
Diane Bujega (Kings College London)
Commercial retail investors v individual retail investors: uniformity at EU level v diversity in English courts

Luigi Lonardo (Kings College London)
United in difference? Coordinating a European Union (EU) response to the Islamic State (IS)

11:00 – Coffee

11:15 – Panel II

June Namgoong (UCL)

Eirini Pothitou (University College Cork)
Social Rights and Austerity: From dawn to dusk? Using the Courts to Advance Social rights

Katie Richards (Cardiff University)
Re-examining the rationale for damages for breach of contract: The curious case of insurance fraud

Giovanni Cavaggion (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
Western Constitutional Pluralism: An Unkept Promise to Cultural Minorities?

Clare Patton (Queen’s University Belfast)
The Corporation and CSR: When good intentions turn bad

Poster Presenters:
Andi Hoxhaj (University of Warwick)
The European Union Fight Against Corruption and EU State-building in the Western Balkans

Luyao Che (The University of Nottingham)
Chinese State Capitalism and the Multilateral Trading System: How Has China Performed Its Promises upon WTO Accession?

12:45 – Lunch

13:30 – Poster Session

14:15 – Workshops

Workshop 1: Developing a Career in Law
Workshop 2: Mindfulness and Stress Management

15:45 – Coffee

16:00 – Panel III

Aislinn O’Connell (UCL)

Aoife Finnerty (University of Limerick)
Liberties and Limitations: An examination of the case of Ms K and its consequences for women giving birth in Ireland

David Mangan (City University London/Osgoode Hall Law School)
Enough Bandwidth: workplace speech and commercial reputation

Kate Wilkinson (University of Sheffield)
International Environmental Law through an Ecofeminist Lens: One State’s’ Liberty, another’s Limitation?

Samuel Wilbanks (University College Cork)
Do We Need a New Normative Vision for Copyright Law?

Poster Presenters:
Helen Yu (University of Copenhagen)

Oliver Persey (New York University)
The psychosocial aspect of a child’s liberty and the European Court of Human Rights’ approach to religious symbols in state schools

Elena Borsacchi (Middlesex University London)
Freedom of expression and public order’s needs from the perspective of CoE: a general overview

17:30 – Closing and Prizes

18:00 – Reception

* Workshops *

In addition to the panels on each of the three streams, the conference will also include two parallel workshop sessions. The topic of the first workshop will be “Developing a Career in Law”, whilst the second workshop will provide guidance on “Mindfulness and Stress Management”. Both workshops will provide a unique opportunity for participants to develop key skills and gain practical insights into a career in law, legal academia and research, and particularly in charting their future and managing the stress inherent in navigating the research world.

Delegates will be asked to choose which workshop they wish to attend at registration. Please note that participation in the workshops is on a first come, first served basis and that we may not be able to accommodate first choices for late registrations.