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:: Calls :: The Graduate Conference in Social Epistemology will be held at University of Tartu on March 26-27. Keynote speaker: Kristie Dotson (Michigan State University). Deadline for extended abstracts: February 12

Call For Submissions

The Organizers require the submission of extended abstracts of no more than 1000 words in length from both masters level and PhD level students. Examples of the topics in social epistemology on which we will accept papers include: moral social epistemology (e.g. epistemic injustice); feminist epistemology; epistemology and democratic theory (including issues of the justification of the principle of free speech); social epistemology in the philosophy of science; epistemology of testimony, and; peer disagreement. This list is by no means exhaustive. Papers on any topic from within analytic epistemology, broadly construed, are also welcomed.

Those who are deemed to have submitted the best four papers will receive a stipend of 150 euros to help pay for travel and accommodation expenses.

Please send all submissions to tartuphilgradconference@gmail.com

Please include the following information in a separate file from the main body of text: title of paper, author’s name, author’s institutional affiliation, author’s email address.

All submissions will receive notification of acceptance or rejection by February 19th 2016.