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:: Events :: Workshop on Ought in Metaethics and Epistemology will take place at the University of Birmingham on March 18. Keyspeakers: Jonathan Way (Southampton) and Ralph Wedgwood (USC/Birmingham).

14.00-15.45 “Objectivism and Perspectivism about the Epistemic Ought”

Jonathan Way (University of Southampton)

15.45-16.00 Tea and Coffee Break

16.00-17.45 “The Value Based Theory of Ought”

Ralph Wedgwood (USC/Birmingham)

Drinks and Dinner

The workshop is open to all audiences, and there is no attendance fee (refreshments will be free, but drinks and dinner will not be included). For enquiries, please email Dr Jussi Suikkanen (j.v.suikkanen@bham.ac.uk).

It will be held at 52 Pritchatts Road on the University of Birmingham Edgbaston Campus (G9 on the University of Birmingham Campus map).