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:: Publications :: We are glad to announce the recent release of a special issue of the South American Journal of Logic dedicated to Carlos Alchourrón. This special issue was edited by Eduardo Fermé and David Makinson.

Carlos Alchourrón was one of the most important South American philosophers/logicians of the last century. His legacy encompasses many areas, including most significantly the philosophy of law and the logic of theory change. In the philosophy of law his book Normative Systems published in 1971 is still a mandatory reference, and in the logic of theory change he was one of the creators of the seminal AGM model (AGM is an acronym for Alchourrón, Gärdenfors, Makinson).

The South American Journal of Logic (SAJL) is starting now its second year. The aim of the SAJL is to promote logic in all its aspects: philosophical, mathematical, computational, historical by publishing high quality peer-reviewed papers. Submissions are welcome.
For additional information and to access the special issue see: http://www.sa-logic.org