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:: Calls :: The second edition of the Cambridge Doctoral Workshop in Legal Theory will be held on 24 August at the Faculty of Law. Keynote speaker is John Tasioulas (King’s College London). Abstracts are welcomed that address legal questions from a theoretical, especially philosophical, perspective. Deadline is April 25.

The workshop is primarily for research students and for those who have received their doctoral degree less than two years ago.

Even though the workshop does not have a particular theme, abstracts will be chosen for presentation so as to create thematically coherent panels.

Unfortunately, the Organizers cannot offer subsidies for the presenters’ travel and accommodation costs.

Please send your abstract of less than 500 words and your CV to John Adenitire (joa22@cam.ac.uk) by April 25th, 2016. The chosen presenters are expected to send their full papers by July 25th, 2016 so that there is sufficient time to circulate the papers to the participants. The length of the paper should not exceed 8,000 words (including footnotes).

Queries can be addressed to John Adenitire (joa22@cam.ac.uk). The Workshop’s website is https://cambridgelegaltheory.wordpress.com/.

Organisers: John Adenitire, Raffael Fasel, Ya Lan Chang.