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Win € 2.000 in an essay competition

:: Calls :: Ragion pratica invites submissions for its essay competition on the philosophy of duty.

Following a request of an anonymous donator, the editors of Ragion pratica invite submissions for an essay prize competition, the topic of which is the philosophy of duty. The prize consists of € 2.000 and the publication of the winning essay.

In times that are, at least on paper, dedicated to the protection of individual rights, the aim of this prize is to stimulate reflection on moral and legal duties of political, economic, and social solidarity inasmuch as their observance grounds the proper functioning of liberal-democratic institutions, and the strengthening of a civil society both respectful of and attentive to individual needs.

The competition is open for scholars of either sex that are not over 35 years old on the submission deadline. Eligible candidates are invited to submit original and yet unpublished contributions of no more than 50.000 characters (including spaces and footnotes). Submissions must comply with the journal’s editorial guidelines. They must be send by email in Word format (.doc) to the journal editor Susanna Pozzolo (susanna.pozzolo@unibs.it) no later than November 30, 2016, at midnight.

All submissions will undergo anonymous peer review of a special committee nominated by the Editorial board of Ragion Pratica. Their evaluations are final and non-contestable.

The official call is available here: