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:: Calls :: The International Rationality Summer Institute 2016 will take place from September 04 – 16 in Aurich, Germany. The topic of the Summer Institute is human rationality from a psychological, philosophical, and cognitive (neuro) science perspective. 40 full stipends are offered. Deadline for application is April 15.
Topics of the courses are: Rationality and Normativity, Norms vs. Evidence in Reasoning Research, Rational Belief Change, Inductive Reasoning, Causal Cognition, Probabilistic Reasoning and Argumentation, Language and Reasoning, Mental Models and Rationality, Probabilities and Conditionals, Bounded Rationality, Neural Basis of Reasoning, Development of Reasoning, Logical and Probabilistic Approaches to Rationality, Intuition and Analytic Thinking, Scientific Objectivity and Inductive Inference.

The Organizers invite applications by doctoral students and early-stage postdocs interested in human rationality and with a background in psychology, philosophy, cognitive (neuro)science, or related fields. Advanced Master’s students with a Bachelor’s degree in one of the disciplines and with an outstanding interest in the topic are also encouraged to apply.

The IRSI is generously funded by the Volkswagen-Stiftung. Successful applicants will get a full stipend that covers the participation fee, board and lodging, and the reimbursement of traveling costs.

More info at: https://irsi2016.de/