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:: Calls :: The Brain, the Mind, the Person Workshop convened by the universities of Oxford (Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion) and Federal da Bahia is set for 15-19 August in Salvador, Brazil. Submissions will be received by 30 April.

The main themes of the workshop will be the relations between the concepts of brain, mind, and person, including perspectives from neuroscience, cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion. It is expected that accepted papers will engage with these themes from an interdisciplinary perspective including philosophical, scientific, and theological understandings of the brain, the mind, and the person.

The workshop will enable a select group of up to twenty-eight exceptional, early-career Latin American academics to interact with a team of three senior researchers, to foster interdisciplinary engagement across science, philosophy and theology. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of up to $1,500, in addition to free accommodation and meals during the length of the workshop, and pre-reading materials to stimulate the discussions.

The workshop will host Profs Barry Smith (SAS, UK), Justin Barrett (Fuller, US), Facundo Manes (Ineco, Argentina), and Andrew Pinsent (Oxford, UK) as keynote speakers. Please send your paper proposal to latin.america@theology.ox.ac.uk.

Full call for papers and further information available at the website: http://www.cyral.org/en/workshops/the-brain-the-mind-the-person/.

For questions on paper submissions, please contact latin.america@theology.ox.ac.uk.