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:: Calls :: The European Consortium for Political Research has organized the 11th General Conference, which will be held on September 6-9, 2017 (University of Oslo). The panel will be about “Rights and Duties in Kantian Political and Legal Philosophy” and contributions that reflect on the relationship between pre-institutional and legal rights that are sensitive to the intricacies that come with the contrast between ideal and non-ideal theorizing are very much welcomed. If interested, brief abstracts (max 400 words) can be submitted to bernstei@ohio.edu and hanisch@ohio.edu. Deadline February 6, 2017.  

The aim of the conference is to discuss the current state of the debates regarding Kantian political and legal philosophy, in particular the nature of rights and the problem of political authority. In relation to jurisprudence and philosophy of law,  is also relevant the question to what extent a Kantian framework is sympathetic to the sovereignty of democratic legislation or whether it rather supports strong judicial review. Hence, panel contributions attempting to systematize Kant’s jurisprudence in the light of contemporary legal philosophies are very much welcome.