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:: Calls :: The Canadian Journal of Philosophy hereby calls for papers on the topic
“Representation and Evaluation” for a Special Issue. The volume provides an occasion
to explore the role of representation in theories of meaning and mind with
special attention to the implications this has for metaethical, or more broadly
metanormative, theory.Submissions (10,000 words max) and a brief abstract should be submitted through the Canadian Journal of Philosophy website (http://www.edmgr.com/rcjp/default.aspx).  Submissions must be received by
June 15, 2017. Submissions should follow the CJP house style: http://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?show=instructions&journalCode=rcjp20.
Inquiries can be sent to Matt Bedke at mbedke@mail.ubc.ca or Stefan Sciaraffa at