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:: Calls :: The “Evidence & Decision Making in the Law: Theoretical, Computational and Empirical Approaches” workshop will be held in Kig’s College London, on June 16, 2017.It will foster an interdisciplinary debate on the interactions between evidential reasoning establishing the facts and deliberative decision making determining legal action. If interested in submitting a paper, please send an abstract  ( between 300-500 words), in PDF format, to marcello.dibello@lehman.cuny.edu. Deadline April 15, 2017. 

We invite submissions that make progress in our understanding of the following: (1) Modeling evidential reasoning and decision making at trial (e.g. evidence weighing; conflict resolution; standards of proof and rules of decision); (2 ) Evidence-based decision making and the architecture of the trial system (e.g. rules of admissibility; discovery procedures; adversary v. inquisitorial models; rules of weight v. free proof); (3) The role and limitations of expected utility theory, and more generally cost/benefit analysis, for evidence-based decision making. We welcome contributions that address the topics above by applying theoretical, computational and empirical approaches, broadly construed, to the study of the law.