Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy

Himma, Jovanović & Spaić (eds), Unpacking Normativity. Conceptual, Normative and Descriptive Issues (Oxford: Hart Publ., 2018) includes a contribution from a TiLPh member: Andrej Kristan, “Another way to meet Hart’s challenge”. Other contributors are Brian Bix, Tria Gkouvas, Ken Himma, Miodrag Jovanović, Dimitrios Kyritsis, Andrei Marmor, George Pavlakos, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Bojan Spaić, Horacio Spector, Katharina Stevens, and Wil Waluchow. See all contributions here. (You can get 20% discount with this Discount Code: “CV7”.)