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:: Calls :: The University of Bordeaux announces, within the framework of its “Initiative of Excellence”, the launch of several recruitment opportunities. Three individual calls for application have been published. You can find more information at the following links.* International post-doctorates: Find out more<https://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/n/Talent-culture/International-Post-Doctorates/r3137.html>.
Call open from 9th November 2018 until 16th January 2019.

 * Junior chairs: Find out more<https://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/n/Talent-culture/Junior-Chairs/r3020.html>.
Call open from 30th October 2018 until 21st January 2019.

 * Visiting scholars: Find out more<https://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/n/Talent-culture/Visiting-scholars/r3022.html>.
Call open from 19th October until 15th November 2018.

Link to the Talent culture page<https://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/n/Talent-culture/r3002.html>