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:: News :: Tarello Institute is pleased to announce that Ievgeniia Kopytsia, our Fellow, Associate Professor of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Ucraine) and a Visiting Professor at the Law Department of the University of Genoa (Italy), has been awarded a 2-year British Academy RaR Fellowship, to commence at the Oxford University Law Faculty. Prof. Kopytsia will proceed with her research on challenges of addressing climate change and achieving the global net zero transition amid turbulence and complexity of the modern world.

Ievgeniia Kopytsia writes: ‘The ongoing war in Ukraine has shown to have profound implications for the ability of the international community to address the challenge of climate change, pitting energy, and food security needs against climate change goals. Armed conflicts combined with other complex emergencies of the present, like energy crisis, pandemic, nuclear event, etc. are acting as multidimensional stressors to economic and social well-being, questioning the states’ capability to tackle multiple crises, and pushing climate change issues to the background stage. My research aims to offer a pathway on how to build a resilient climate legal framework, capable of addressing complex emergencies, the unpredictable nature, scale, and climate impact of which are multiplying threats to sustainable and resilient development, both for affected communities and at a planetary scale. I would like to express gratitude to the Tarello Institute, the expertise, and a unique research environment of which contributed a lot to the development of my research, providing me with a theoretical background and bright new ideas.