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:: Calls :: The new Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective invites submissions to both the general section and the special section, the principal topic of which is philosophical pragmatism. Deadline for abstracts: March 15

There are two stages to the selection of papers: abstracts of no more than 500 words can be submitted by the March 15th, 2016. Upon preliminary acceptance by the editors the Organizers ask for submission of the full papers (6.000 to 10.000 words) by September 30th, 2016. The yearbook is due to be published in summer 2017.

The scope of the yearbook is broad: no method, field, or school is excluded. Inclusion in the yearbook depends solely on the academic quality and originality of the articles. The Organizers particularly encourage contributions by early career scholars. All submissions will undergo double blind review.

Submissions to the General Section

Practical philosophy may be concerned with questions of a global dimension in different ways. Against the background of globalization, pluralism and intradisciplinary diversification challenge received understandings of practical reason, culture, politics, and value. Accordingly, many traditional problems – such as the justification of political order, the form and content of ethical agency, or the constitution and relation of knowledge and power – need to be re-examined. Answers that had been taken for granted and appeals to institutions that we have become used to (e.g. the state) need to be revisited. Last but not least, a whole range of new problems has occured e.g. in the context of climate change and as a result of the shortcomings of the financial system. The new Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective publishes in its general section original philosophical research articles that deal with any of these or related problems, and it is open for orginal research from neighbouring disciplines that clearly exhibits a philosophical orientation.

Submissions to the Special Section: Probing Philosophical Pragmatism

Over the last decades, philosophical pragmatism has (re-)gained considerable academic attention. According to its original scope and internal plurality, a wide range of pragmatist inquiries has developed with implications for almost every philosophical subdiscipline. The new Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective wants to feature in its first special section original philosophical research articles that examine the possible benefits of pragmatism for questions in practical philosophy, and it is open for original research from neighbouring disciplines that relate to  pragmatist concerns and ideas.

The selected papers will complement the work that will be presented at the conference on philosophical pragmatism that is going to take place in Munich on the 3rd and 4th of June 2016, the main focus of which is the question whether philosophical pragmatism can earn its keep in the context of social and political conflicts at the beginning of the 21st century. (For more information, visit:


Paper proposals can relate to (e.g.):
Pragmatist ethical theories
Pragmatism and political philosophy
Democracy as a global experiment
Pragmatism and particularism
Pragmatist legal philosophy
Pragmatism and education
Pluralism and pragmatism
Pragmatist methodologies
Pragmatist theories of communication
Pragmatism and Common Sense
Pragmatism, Pragmaticism and pragmatics

Information and Contact

The Yearbook Practical Philosophy in a Global Perspective is going to be published with Alber publishing and will feature articles in both German and English.

Please submit your abstract in Word or ODT to the editor Prof. Dr. Michael Reder michael.reder@hfph.de, cc to rottendorf@hfph.de.